Kicks Kenya ™ x Amapiano Fashion Tour

Kicks Kenya ™ x Amapiano Fashion Tour

Amapiano has grown into the hearts of Kenyans, and most visibly the Nairobi Musical Culture, its rhythmic dance genre has proven infectious and its evolvement has joined into the abundance of culture.   

Some of the Key Players who have conjoined with Kicks Kenya in the face of Amapiano have developed various fashion styles that are being emulated and appraised throughout the country.

The complexity of this fashion style includes the combination of sneakers/kicks and colourful attires to bring out a fashionable street style. We take you through the journey of Kicks Kenya ™ x Amapiano while focusing on the renown fashion model, influencer, professional chef and Kicks Kenya brand ambassador Miss Barakeilla 

Her events collection and styling ranges from Jordans, Converse, and various Nike retros. She has also added a couple of streetwear from the newly found brand Restyle ™ Streetwear. Below are some photos from her previous tours. 


Miss Barakeilla x Amapiano x Kicks Kenya

Amapiano in Kenya

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