Sentiments From The Previous 90's Pool Party

Sentiments From The Previous 90's Pool Party

, by Ben Mwangi, 1 min reading time

If you were born in the 80s and 90s, you probably were raised on the slick stylings of 90s R&B. Musical acts like Babyface, Groove Theory, Dru Hill, En Vogue, Monica, SWV, Destiny's Child, Faith Evans, 112, D'Angelo, and Toni Braxton blessed our ears with their undeniable singing chops, clever songs, and a refreshing sense of cool. Traditional R&B of the 1990s (and the R&B of previous decades) was the truth. 

Inserted: Poster from the most previous 90s event. 

As a collaborative sponsor, Kicks Kenya have partnered with several brands to bring out an exclusive RnB 90's event that oversaw some of the outgoing creators in Nairobi and countrywide. The event was themed with some of the classic pairs and retros from the 90's to 2000s collaborated in a stylish way. Everyone who attended the first event appreciated some some of the classics by Nike, Puma, Converse, and Adidas. 

In a bid to bring back some of the 90s RnB memories, Shaiman Mughal (alias Gogo) - pulled up with a three part color combination; green, black and white to bring a standstill on the dress-up. He had the chuck highs in the right food and a Jordan 1 Mid on the left --- this was absolutely crazy --- As easy as the style might look, very few people are actually able to pull out such a style. 

Featured: Shaiman Mughal (Alias - gogo46)

Unfortunately, R&B has drastically changed -- or perhaps, disappeared -- over the past decade. While the musical genre's evolution through time is demonstrated by the diverse work of legends like Fats Domino, Johnny Otis, Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston, the production of quality R&B music is a now relic of yesteryear. 

But... with all the notion of RnB being dead resonating among people, we've got everyone who longs to hear smooth, effortless and well-orchestrated timeless music.

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