Title: 10 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend to Buy You Sneakers

Title: 10 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend to Buy You Sneakers

, by Ben Mwangi, 3 min reading time

Hey there, sneakerheads and sneakerettes! So, you've got your eye on those fresh kicks, but your wallet is crying for mercy. Fear not, for I come bearing the ultimate guide to persuading your significant other to foot the bill (pun intended). Welcome to the whimsical world of "How to Get Your Boyfriend to Buy You Sneakers!" brought to you by Kicks Kenya.

  1. Drop Subtle Hints: Start by casually leaving sneaker catalogs lying around the house, strategically placing them where your boyfriend can't possibly miss them. Bonus points if you circle your favorite pairs in red marker.

  2. Sneak Peek Shopping: Take a leisurely stroll through the sneaker section of your favorite store during your next shopping trip. Make sure to stop and admire each pair with an audible "Wow!" to pique his interest.

  3. Inception Technique: Plant the idea of buying you sneakers in his mind. Begin with innocent questions like, "Hey, have you seen those new kicks everyone's raving about?" Then sit back and watch as he falls down the rabbit hole of sneaker obsession.

  4. Cook Up a Storm: They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but we say it's through his sneaker collection. Whip up his favorite meal and casually slip in, "You know what would make this even better? Matching sneakers for us!"

  5. Make It a Team Effort: Convince him that buying you sneakers is not just a gift for you but an investment in your relationship. After all, couples who flex together, stay together!

  6. The Puppy Dog Eyes Technique: Master the art of the irresistible puppy dog eyes and pair it with a softly whispered, "But honey, everyone deserves to feel like they're walking on clouds."

  7. Drop the 'Casual' Hint: Mention how much more fun date nights would be if you had a killer pair of kicks to complete your outfit. Who could resist the allure of a stylish couple?

  8. Create a Sneaker Wishlist: Make a sneaker wishlist and leave it lying around. Make sure to annotate it with comments like, "These would look amazing on me!" or "Just imagine how jealous everyone would be!"

  9. The Reverse Psychology Play: Nonchalantly mention that you're not sure if sneakers are really your thing, but if you were to get a pair, you'd probably go for those limited edition ones you saw online.

  10. The Final Resort: The Guilt Trip: If all else fails, resort to the classic guilt trip. Play the "I can't believe you don't want me to be happy" card. It's a bit manipulative, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!

And there you have it, folks! Ten playful and witty ways to get your boyfriend to buy you sneakers. Remember, persistence is key, but so is knowing when to give him a break. After all, a happy boyfriend means more sneaker shopping in the future! Until next time, stay stylish, stay sneaky, and most importantly, stay fabulous with Kicks Kenya!



  • New sneakers make a happy girl


    Ritah Peceki

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